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Welcome to the MedSleep Blog, Sleep Talk: All the Latest News in Sleep. Since 2004, our organization  has been providing quality sleep medicine services to diagnose and treat  the full range of sleep disorders. This blog is an extension of our services designed to broaden sleep awareness among the public.

 Sleep deprivation is a wide-scale problem. According the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of adults experience daytime sleepiness, and one third believe it interferes with their daily activities. Sleep deprivation can lead to personal health problems, but can also have public consequences. For instance, there is evidence to suggest that a severe lack of sleep partially caused the Challenger disaster, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown – costing lives, and billions of dollars in repair efforts. 

This deprivation is often the result of an underlying sleep disorder, which can be treated, if not cured. Learning about sleep disorders and treatments can benefit everyone, and this blog can be used as tool for continuous sleep education. On this blog, we will be providing the latest information in sleep research – new discoveries, ideas, or advice from professionals on how to improve sleep. The postings will cover a wide range of sleep disorders and related topics. We will post links to the original articles, as well as provide a brief discussion of the highlights. 

Thank you for visiting the MedSleep blog.  Your comments and questions are most welcomed.


One response to “Welcome to the MedSleep Blog

  1. The C-Pap thing is interesting but I was told after I went for the sleep study (after waiting over two years) that it wasn’t covered by AB health care and more than 2000 dollars for a machine – so basically yes you are more likely to die from heart attack but suck it up if you can’t afford more than 2000 dollars to buy a C-Pap machine because it’s not covered. Rich people can reduce their risk of heart attack. Not so surprising and maybe not unfair = way of the world. But at least be thankful for what you have and were born intol

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